Molly Koernke.jpg

16 things about Molly

...that you probably didn't know about Molly.

  1. I am a proud nerd.
  2. I hate roller coasters. You couldn't pay me enough to ride one.
  3. I am secretly an eighty-year-old woman. I like to go to bed at 9 p.m. and am a big fan of Dateline.
  4. I am always in search of the perfect brunch spot.
  5. I have terrible eyesight. Right eye sits at a shockingly high +4.25.
  6. I once went mud-bathing in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the most amazing place I’ve ever visited.
  7. I am a fierce fan of writers' retreats. #NerdAlert. Reread #1.
  8. I am a Gemini, which means I like music and books. And loath routine.
  9. I own an astonishingly dependent eight-pound Yorkiepoo, who unfortunately for me, thinks she's eighty pounds around much bigger dogs.
  10. My favorite foods: eggs, dark chocolate, avocado and (gasp!) bread.
  11. I am obsessed with Ryan Reynolds' tweets.
  12. Growing up I always wanted to be a fifth-grade teacher. Life clearly doesn't go as planned.
  13. Every June I get painfully homesick for beautiful #PureMichigan. The southern heat and humidity doesn't help to subside my homesickness either.
  14. I will never turn down an ice cream cone.
  15. If I could do anything besides marketing, and get paid for it, I would be a professional music director for movies. I get goosebumps whenever a great song comes on right at the perfect moment. Ah! You KNOW what I'm talking about?!
  16. I couldn't say the "R" sound growing up. Good for parental unit sympathy. Bad for dating. Luckily, I can say them just fine now.